About Us

As the Owner and Founder of CURLS4U, Reonna Taylor's venture into entrepreneurship was sparked by personal challenges as a mixed-race woman grappling with the complexities of finding suitable haircare products. With a fusion of African American and Puerto Rican heritage, managing her curly hair presented formidable obstacles. Overcoming the trials of heat damage and embarking on a quest to embrace her natural curls served as the driving force behind the creation of CURLS4U.

The vision for CURLS4U came into focus during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Motivated by a genuine desire to address the needs of women like herself, the idea took root. Witnessing the scarcity of affordable options for natural hair products, particularly from women of color-owned businesses, sparked the inspiration to create a platform that offered diverse products while championing small businesses.

The epiphany dawned during Juneteenth 2020, illuminating the vibrant yet often overlooked ecosystem of women of color-owned enterprises. Drawing from her own experiences of the delight in discovering new products for curly hair with the frustration of their high costs, Reonna aimed to find a resolution to bridge this gap. Thus, the concept of a subscription box featuring natural hair products from women of color-owned small businesses, alongside beauty and skincare items, emerged. These boxes would be delivered quarterly to subscribers, offering a curated selection of products to cater to their diverse needs and preferences.