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Alimaj Essentials

Alimaj Essentials - Hair Retention Elixir

Alimaj Essentials - Hair Retention Elixir

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Formulated to revive dull or damaged hair, using a copious blend of 100% pure plant oils. When massaged unto your scalp, it encourages circulation and envelopes your strands with super charged healing and calming properties that also promote hair growth. Hair is full of life with lush and shine.


→ Dull & Damaged Hair

→ Dry Scalp & Strands

→ Malnourished Strands & Lacking Nutrients


SCALP: Gently massage a few drops of product on scalp using fingertips.

HAIR STRANDS: Use the fingers to apply product on hair strands, concentrating on tips

using downwards motion.

HOT OIL TREATMENT: Apply a good amount of product on entire hair, cover with plastic cap or use hooded dryer and steam for 3-5 minutes. Wash off afterwards.

A perfect herbal hair essential for malnourished scalp and tired ends.

Purely Natural · Ethical · Sustainable · No Synthetics · Vegan · Cruelty-Free · 100% Non-GMO · Nontoxic · Fair Trade · No Gluten Added · No Soy Added · No Fillers · Plant-Based · Scientifically-Proven Ingredients · Therapeutic-Grade · Zero-Waste ·

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